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Lee County Elementary School

School Information

314 Lovers Lane Road
Leesburg, GA 31763


Office Hours: 7:45am - 3:45pm
Grades: 3-5
Principal: Candice Smith


School Facts

Year School Opened: 1977
Approximate number of Students: 650

  • 3rd Grade: 200
  • 4th Grade: 225
  • 5th Grade: 215

Approximate number of Teachers: 48 certified staff

  • 49 Classrooms
  • Size of facility: approx. 110,000 sq feet
  • We have a beautiful school both inside and out.
  • With bands of muted primary colors all around, LCES is a warm and inviting place for students and adults.
  • This facility is situated on 40 acres with several 200 year old beautiful oaks. We have a wonderful playground area that features an amazingly large play system.
  • LCES School Supply List and Dress Code 2023-2024
  • LCSS Report Card
  • LCSS ESEA 2020-2021