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Principal Smith, Candice
Assistant Principal                           Kilcrease, Hailey

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Front Office, Media Center & Nurse

Receptionist Horak, Jessica
Bookkeeper / IC Clerk Bacon, Amy
Counselor Reeves, Blake
Counselor Huiras, Samantha
Media Specialist Roach, Lezlee
Media Clerk  Friar, Wendy
Nurse Bryant, Lisa

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Third Grade

3rd - Math, Science & Social Studies Apperson, Alli
3rd - English / Language Arts Bradley, Cassie
3rd - Math, Science & Social Studies  Cain, Amy
3rd - English / Language Arts Carlson, Jessica
3rd - Math, Science & Social Studies Craft, Hollyanne
3rd - Math, Science & Social Studies Harrell, Lacie
3rd - English / Language Arts Hughes, Allison
3rd - English / Language Arts  Kimbrel, Amber
3rd - English / Language Arts Phillips, Jessica
3rd - English / Language Arts                    Swords, Tori

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Fourth Grade

4th - Math, Science & Social Studies Haynes, Trisha
4th - English / Language Arts Hunt, LeeAnn
4th - Math, Science & Social Studies Ostrander, Sara
4th - Math, Science & Social Studies Rhodes, Heather
4th - English / Language Arts Stephenson, Alexa
4th - English / Language Arts Sullivan, Hannah
4th - English / Language Arts Webb, Kaysie
4th - Math, Science & Social Studies White, Britney

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Fifth Grade

5th - English / Language Arts Driver, Hannah
5th - English / Language Arts Evans, Tiffany
5th - Math, Science & Social Studies Harrell, Rebecca
5th - Math, Science & Social Studies Kelley, Allison
5th - Math, Science & Social Studies Lampley, Mandy
5th - Math, Science & Social Studies Posey, Meaghan
5th - English / Language Arts Toney, Yneikia
5th - English / Language Arts Thompson, Cheryl

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MAP (Music, Art, PE)

Physical Education                               Beck, Joshua  
Physical Education Eubanks, Marley  
Art Kelley, Kathleen  
Art Mays, Shawn  
Music Collins, Richard  

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Resource & Special Education

3rd Grade EIP                                            Faircloth, Katie
4th Grade EIP      Flowers, Donna
5th Grade EIP Lawrence, Krista
Speech Therapist Souter, Karen
Special Education Berry, Katie
Special Education Bolton, Jamie
Special Education Bynum, Danny
Special Education Denham, Stephanie
Special Education Owens, Margaret
Special Education Rey, Carla
Special Education Young, Lori
Challenge Pafford, Tiffany
ESOL Patel, Ami
Interventionist Goodin, Cathy

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Support Staff

SpEd Para                                         Bush, Tiffany
SpEd Para Duke, Jennifer
SpEd Para Johnson, Patty
Para Laughinghouse, Pamela
Para McDowell, Derik
SpEdPara   Sims, Yvonne
Para McLendon, Nancy
Para    Robinson, Vanessa

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