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Mrs. Tiffany Pafford 

Challenge is the title given to the Lee County Gifted program. The program operates under the State of Georgia guidelines for gifted education. Resource, pull-out is the model utilized. Students attend challenge daily for 1 class period.

The program provides students an opportunity to extend learning experiences beyond the regular classroom. Curriculum and enrichment activities involving all subject areas are used to enhance student learning with related pursuits, projects, and presentations to encourage problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and develop advanced research and communication skills.

Resource Class (K-5)

1. All students must have been identified as gifted by SBOE criteria.

2. The curriculum must have an academic content foundation based on the Georgia curriculum standards, but it should focus on interdisciplinary enrichment activities and not any one content area.

3. The content and pacing should be differentiated to the degree that the activities are clearly not appropriate for more typical students at that grade level.

Testing is required for qualification for gifted services. The testing takes place in the spring of the school year unless a student moves into the county from another county, state or country. New students to Lee County may be evaluated upon entrance to Lee County depending on existing testing information, time of year, and recommendation.