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Mrs. Kathleen Kelley and Mrs. Shawn Mays and


Hello! I am the art instructor at Lee County Elementary. I have a passion for the arts and enjoy creating. This passion started when I was in elementary school and only grew as I got older with every art class I took. I knew when I graduated high school that I wanted to make a career that was associated with art. I went on to college and that is when I discovered jewelry making. I fell in love with the process and everything about it! I have experience with soldering metals, mostly silver, brass, and copper and using precious stones such as turquoise and jade. I also love ceramics, creating collages, watercolor painting, drawing and much more!


Artful Links

The Art Story- Visual Art Movements, Artists, Ideas, and Topics…. Everything ART!

Tuxpaint- The program we have used in class over the years. You have to download it and it is free but you have to get your parents permission first! Once you download the program, you will need to go back and download stamps if you want them as well.

PaperPlane- HINTS for paper airplanes: 1)Use copier paper. Paper should be strong enough to hold a shape and light enough to stay aloft. Avoid newsprint (too flimsy) and poster board (too heavy). 2)Tweak the wings. “Take the back edge of the wings and bend them up between your fingertips a little bit,” says Blackburn. “This will hold up the nose.” 3)Throw evenly. Give the plane an easy and level throw and it will fly straight. An aeronautical engineer, Ken Blackburn, holds the world-record for keeping a single-sheet paper airplane in flight indoors (27.6 seconds).

mrpicassohead-Create faces, like Pablo Picasso. 

Educational Art Links for Kids-This website provides a variety of different programs that kids can use to create their own art!

Unclefred- Learn how to draw different things. There are TONS of how to draw video's on the web. 


Artists in Action camouflage art, see if you can find him!

paintjam See an artist paint to music an amazing performance. Artist drawing stories in sand.


Museums and Art History

Le Louvre Museum The Louvre Museum, the largest museum in the world, is located in Paris, France. This site provides THREE online tours of this gallery! This is also where the Mona Lisa is located!

The Dali Museum  Take a virtual tour of the Dali Museum. It includes information about Dali and his artwork. Such a cool resource!

ArtBabble from the Indianapolis Museum of Art gathers together hundreds of art-related videos including demonstrations, artist interviews, and guides to exhibitions and art conservation. They’re all broken down by theme, medium, style, time period, and other information for easy browsing

Baltimore Museum of Art About the artist Henri Matisse, make a painting like him! Be sure to read everything and click on everything.